Turnkey solution for coral reef continuous monitoring using passive acoustics

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Sound as a diagnostic tool for coral reefs' state and functioning

For the first time, passive acoustics enables standardised and continuous monitoring of coral reefs.

We will work together to choose the relevant sites and go all the way to put together customized coral reef protection measures.

Our custom scientific reports provide critical metrics about coral reefs' state and functioning and can be visualised on our dedicated website.

The lifecycle of coral reefs monitoring

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    Step 1

    Site selection

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    Step 2

    Installation of the recording devices

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    Step 3

    Data processing

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    Step 4

    Results visualisation on our website

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    Step 5

    Decision support

What information do we obtain through soundscapes?


  • Assessment of the overall ecological state of a site using ecoacoustic indices
  • Assessment of the biomass of fishes within each trophic group
  • Quantification of the activity of key species or groups of species
  • Quantification of the diversity and abundance of biological sounds


  • Quantification of noise pollution (per hour/per day)
  • Monitoring of no-entry areas - count of the infractions
  • Quantification of divers presence
Illustration of the seabed studied with corals

Why conduct passive acoustic monitoring with Reef Pulse?

  • Compare sites with each other and with others in the region to identify conservation priorities
  • Monitor no-entry areas and quantify infractions
  • Evaluate management measures effects over time (e.g., protection of a given area, creation of artificial reefs, species reintroduction)
  • Understand resilience mechanisms after bleaching events or local impacts (e.g., pollution, terrigenous inputs)
  • Identify key reproductive periods for species with patrimonial or commercial interest

Our achievements

Departure at sea with a tripod for the seabed of Mayotte

Passive acoustic monitoring of coral reefs around Mayotte Island from 2022 to 2024 in collaboration with the OFB.

Departure at sea with a tripod for the seabed of Réunion
Reunion Island

Ecoacoustic reference state of coral reefs around Reunion Island in 2022.